Our books are must have compilations from the basics of 'Computers and Networks', to focused subject matters of the technology businesses deal with daily. As is our company's focus, they concentrate on the business management aspect of your technology. Each book covers as total arange of subjects possible. They're a must have, quick references, on just about everything that should be taken into consideration from setting up the office to buying new equipment.

They also cover the bad practices of big-box stores to equipment vendors that are commonplace. Why should you be concerned with such issues? With privacy standards (like HIPPA) and other industry best-practice guidelines, the business owner is the one bearing the risks of these bad practices.

Because we know you're busy, each chapter/subject is written as briefly and concisely as possible. Most chapters are one to five pages long.

Computers and Networks

A great book explaining the basics of how computers and the Internet work explained in everyday terms.

Managing Office Technology

The must-have book for setting up the office so it is reliable, secure, and operating at least cost. Many offices have very risky issues, and many of the risks explained as features. Risk include: The building owner wired the suites for internet. Location of your Internet wiring closet, free software, etc. As always, you bear the risks of such practices.

Risks of Outside Organiztions

Great! You've read our book 'Managing Office Technology' and you've followed it's guidelines and suggestions. Most businesses must exchange information with their suppliers, data files from customers, and others, on a regular basis. Most small to medium size busineses' technology is setup by people with little to no training. When your information is exchanged with them it's often at great risk.

Developing Websites and Software

A must-have book for software and website development! With the many free or low-cost software and website development programs available today many businesses are interested in developing their own software and websites. Many busness owners plan to sell their sofware as they see it as filling a critical market niche. Some go so far as to call it 'the dream', yet it becomes the costly 'nightmare.' The suggestions and guidelines in this book are based on decades of real world projects, and the owner's turaround of failing projects.