What We Do

Our focus is the business aspects of our clients. Much of the money spent on office technology is wasted, does not address core issues, is lacking in an overall strategy for security or reliability, or other factors. In most cases, the information we present and non-judgemental. Where possible, the pro's and con's of the subject are listed so our clients can make their own informed decisions. In cases where something is totally wrong, we spell it out plainly.

We perform on-site hardware maintenance for a limited number of clients in our area.

Why are we different?

We present the accurate truth regarding what we present. The larger sources and magazines perpetuate the big tech mantra your information is safe, private, and secure. What we disclose that they won’t is your information isn’t as safe and secure as they would lead you to believe. Big tech companies thwart literally millions of attacks per day. While many are blocked successfully, many are not. When the successful attacks are disclosed, in many cases the data breach has been going on undetected for up to several months.

A simple test if you are somewhat technical is to open a Command Window and type
netstat -a
and press 'Return.' You will see dozens of permanent network connections to your PC from multiple sources. These are the basis of many of the convenience features in today's software. Despite assurances of security from the big-tech companies, any network connection is hackable and a potential seurity risk. The large numbers of news reports of informatin being compromised is all the proof required.

Your information isn’t private either. Your personal information is disclosed and sold to large numbers of organizations. The buying and selling of your information is how large tech companies fund their operations free to their users. Your information is the product they sell.

We Work for You

One of the most crucial questions in choosing a managed care provider is: Who do they work for? Who pays them? Most providers work for an organization that dictates what they will sell. That is usually a product line they represent or are a distributor for. This doesn’t provides the best solution in most cases.

What We're Not

We are not a technical fix-it site. Work like expanding RAM, replacing hard drives, etc., are not covered here. There are millions of sites covering such subjects.