Owner's Bio

James Aiello is the president of JRA Systems LLC with over 30 years of experience helping clients in multiple industries with solutions to their technology related problems. Leveraging his experience from circuit design to Fortune 500 and US Federal government project management, he brings innovative, reliable, and right sized budget solutions, to small to medium sized businesses. Notable projects:

  • Project Manager for the US Federal Government - Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA). The State of Michigan stood to lose one-hundred-million dollars of federal aid, having missed several ‘final’ due dates. The project (comprising a staff of seventy-five, from five agencies and organizations) was completed and certified in nine-months.

    James proposed and implemented several other projects with minimal development time and rapid returns on investments (ROI). One such project was the Bench Warrant program (developed in 2-days), which identified and reported cases that bench warrants should be issued for. This program ran in under 5-minutes and could be run by any staff member. The impact of this program took a full-time staff member hired to perform review and select cases to issue bench warrants for and reassign him to other core duties.

  • Member of an elite anti-defalcation (internal fraud) team for a major insurance company. As fraudulent claims opened by company staff were discovered, the team would meet to identify the characteristics of the fraudulent claim(s). A phased software suite to detect and report on potentially fraudulent claims was created. This process ran nightly, testing each claim against the library of known fraud patterns along with the details of the claim including the employee who opened or modified the claim. Every morning, a report of suspicious claims opened or modified by an employee at each office was emaied to that office's manager for review. As new internal frauds were detected, their characteristics were added to the library of tests performed.

    The project identified approximately $1.25 million dollars of internal fraud during its first year. As detection and disciplinary actions against employees committing internal fraud was implemented, internal fraud dropped to a fraction of its initial conditions.

  • Design and implementation of a collection letter print-and-mail system with a capacity of one-million letters per day from the company’s three-hundred clients. The project replaced a legacy system with a capacity of forty-thousand letters per day and required major coding changes several times per week. It also featured unique technology (which none of their competitors had) for identification of duplicate letters, saving costs and avoidance of penalties for mailing duplicate notices.

When not working James likes to spend time on wood and metal shop projects and spending time with his grandchildren.