Are Your Office Workstations & Network Ready To Work When You Are?

Is your workday one of constant pressure hoping your office systems and network will be on-line and reliable? Are you concerned about the time spent diverted from your core (revenue making) job functions to deal with IT issues? Along with downtime, there's a confusing onslought of:

  • The constant barrage of bills for services you're not sure you signed up for
  • Industry mandated practices, such as HIPPA etc., your business is required to follow
  • Recurring technical audits of network security for credit card processing and access to on-line data subscriptions
  • The never eding streams of advice - often contradictory
  • The multiple software maintenance tools licenses, and subscriptions, needed to run your IT infrastructure

There's a simple solution to most of theses issues: Managed IT Services. Managed services uses a strategy of prevention instead of the more common reactionary strategy of 'break-fix' sold by most computer shops and big-box stores. If you're thinking you can't afford it, consider the time spent away from you revenue-producing services managing IT, and interruptions in your work days. JRA Systems LLC, has plans to fit any budget for any size business. What do you have to lose - except frustrating work days and sleepless nights. CLICK HERE for a comparison of Managed services vs break-fix.

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